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Spring is here, and it's time to make sure your pets are protected against the onslaught of fleas and ticks that arrives with the warm weather. Fleas and ticks are especially abundant in humid areas and can inflict misery on you and your pet. -Fleas multiply fast! One flea can produce 600 offspring in just one month.

 Cleaning Horse Hooves

The importance of cleaning your horses’ hooves is two-fold: The first is that they need to be cleaned and the second is that by cleaning your horses’ hooves when they need it is a proactive way to spot potential problems that may develop there. Here are some ideas from Jayne Pedigo of Equisearch.

Supplying Your Horse with Water

Horses are not unlike people, in that they too enjoy fresh, clean water. Not only will it keep your horse content, it will help keep away many easily preventable sicknesses, too. Colic is one example. According to About. com's Katherine Blocksdorf, here are some basic ideas concerning water for your horse. How much?

Ridding Your Horse Of Thrush

One of the worst things for your horse to have is hoof problems. One of those problems is when your horse develops thrush. Here is what it is and how you should treat it according to Equisearch. com:What it isThrush is an infection on the bottom of your horse’s hoof that affects the frog and results in black ooze coming out of the hoof with a horrendous odor.